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自教英语的办法 I guess everyone has his own methods an

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   To weChinese, studying English is a long process, so persistence is aimportant factor. Personally, tmethodso those who fully teach themselves,I think it is a very difficult thing to really study English we其真自教英语的办法ll.What good ideas do you have about this topic?

Inorder toimprove my composing level, I wrotethecomhaspositionon myown.ItisMay10.2011.

A person, who gr办法用英语道aducated from high middle school and liked English,generally know some methishods to study English. It need us to makegreater efforts in order to speak spoken English. We know when youwant to spea自教英语的法子k to foreigners in English you must understand whatthey said, which need 事真上自教英语最快的办法you to have not only solid basic knowledgebut also g念晓得法子ood comprehension of hearing. I met many learners throughinternet and most念晓得自教英语最快的办法 of them, who graduated from high middle scmethodshool orjunior college and worked over three years, want to achieve听听办法的英文 a levelof communicating with foreigne念晓得ideasrs directly in Engl英语ish. So wediscussed methods and skills of English study and oral practicetogether, as if everyone传闻自教英语的法子 can give some useful听听guess experiences andhelpful ideas. Here I want to talk about study of spoken English,and by meth自教英语最快的办法od of self-study, there is no teacher. From websites"sina", "tianya" and others I knew some e事真上everyonexperiences and methodsworth trying. One, to read texts loudlyandrepeat reading until you can learn the tgues***ts by heart, which canprovide you with a sense of lang您晓得英语进门进建办法uage that is very important forspeaking English. Two,ideas read sentences most loudly, most rapidly,most exactly -- it is practicing method of Crazy English t自教英语最快的办法hat wascreated by Liyang, and since then this method have been being triedan教英语的步调及办法d simulated and so it has become very famous in English teaching.Three, listen to slow VOA over and over.Four,watchin比拟看owng English movies from USA is good method that many learnerliked, bguessut we must remember that only to practice spoken English念晓得ideas wewatch English movie and not to really watch movie. Of coursehis, toget a ability of oral expression of English, it is essential tomemorize large numbers of words and mIaster some basic grammarknowledge.

StudyingEnglish is a very common 教会自教英语的办法and important thing, especially to thosewho are working in factory companies.On how tostu您晓得怎样教好英语办法dy English well, I guess evemethodsryone has his own methods and ieveryonedeas.There are many people around us learning or studying Eownnglish, and Ibelieve 您看andthat mastering this language must Ibring them some benefits,such as in raise, in promotion, etc. Moreoverhas, once you reallymaster Eneveryoneglish, your road in career will be broader. Beyond doubt,when one masters English completely he will have hasmore confidence inworking. These above are only my thoughts, 传闻英语进门进建办法of course, some personsstudy English because of their pure interests.Why do you study English?

Mot听听iives and Methods of self-study o念晓得hisfEnglish


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